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When all is right with the world, even a careful man like Harry Hannigan can jinx his luck and complain about the smallest things.  But forgetting your fortune in life is like charming a snake. It can twist and bite.
What starts as an amusing drizzle of misadventure, quickly rages into a flood that threatens all that was Harry’s own.
A series of mishaps  and a leisurely drive, escalate into fraud, robbery, a shoot out, and much, much more.  Once Harry's world crumbles, can he regain what was lost?  Can he learn to live and love again?  When everything else is gone, remember to “Pick Up Your Halo, Harry.”

Look for the sequel "The Bahama Shell Game" soon!

Pick Up Your Halo, Harry

©2014 Bill Judge

Published by and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble in November, 2014

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